A New Beginning

Welcome, dear Reader, to the new, rebooted Boldly Delicious!

The aim of this blog is to create something different in the “J-Music” blogging scene – both from the blogs I have had before and from the other blogs on Japanese music that are around. I want to create a space on the web that can both deliver interesting insights and help you stay up to date with great music. Think of it as an interactive magazine that relies on your input(I will frequently ask for opinions, recommendations and topics you find interesting or overlooked).

While music reviews and gossip are all around, it’s tough to find any type of good analysis or commentary on Japanese music and the customs of the Japanese music business, therefore, I will attempt to deliver that on this blog from now on. Keep in mind that I’m neither a professional writer nor an expert on music and my knowledge on Japan, for the biggest part, is based on University classes and free time research. As such, I may be wrong at times and I don’t claim to be a fully objective judge of any music’s technical quality or execution. All I can do is share my impressions and thoughts, hoping that you will agree or at least find value in my point of view.

If you disagree with anything I say, I invite you to use the comment function and share your thoughts. I will not be moderating comments as long as you stay respectful and constructive in your criticism. In the end, debate helps refine everybody’s stance and nobody is infallible. I have strong opinions at times, opinions I can voice rather crassly, so I can fully understand being offended or perplexed – just keep it civil and don’t fall to a level of personal insult.

The very first blog post I ever wrote was analytical, dealing with the use of westernized sexual imagery versus purity ideals in Japanese music in regards to one specific album, so I feel like that is where I should be positioning myself. I wrote that post because I saw double standards and stupidity all around – I had conviction to voice my mind on a topic I felt strongly about. Stripping this blog of its content and relaunching it feels like a return home. I’m not a music critic – if there’s anything I can take away from my brief stint of attempting to write an album review a day, it’s that I suck at it – and will limit long-form reviews to only albums I feel strongly about in one way or another. However, I do realize that there’s people who have been following my writing because they enjoy my reviews, so there will be occasional album, EP and concert reviews. I also intend on launching my first regular series in a couple days: every weekend, I will take a look at five singles released in Japan during the prior week, review them and rank them. It should be a great way to discover new music and I’d love if you also took the time to listen to the songs and “play along” in the comments – make your own rankings!
I have other things in store for you, but you will just have to wait until they appear on the blog. As always, any feedback is appreciated and I would like to thank every single reader, in advance, for coming on this new journey with me. You guys rule! And if you’d share this blog with your J-Pop-loving friends, I’d also really appreciate that.


7 thoughts on “A New Beginning”

  1. I’m (of course) one of those people who enjoyed reading your album reviews over at Day1Day2Day3, so I’ll make sure to follow your posts here now 🙂 Good luck with this reboot and see you around the blog!

      1. I don’t know why I thought I had this site already marked to receive notifications every time a new post goes on, but I was wrong. I have watched the latest entries. Keep up the good job 🙂

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    Many thanks for sharing!

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